PRIDE Hold On Till May




do you ever play cards against humanity and there’s that moment where the perfect card for the hand is in your hand and you just go “my time has come” and lay it down with such grace

and then you don’t get the point


Or the first card they read is absolutely hilarious and they choose it right away. Then my insides are fueled with rage saying “READ MY FUCKING CARD”

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Hey, tumblr. I know this isn’t a DCI funding link, or a “help me meet my favorite celebrity” link. It’s to help me pay my college tuition.

But if you could take the time to maybe even donate $2 to my gofundme… I would really appreciate it. I need $4,000 for my college tuition and as of right now, it isn’t looking too promising. Please, I’m even giving out some presents!

I would be going to Southern New Hampshire University. It is my dream school, and they offer exactly what I want to major in - Music Education. So, within four or five years, I will be living my dream and spreading my love of music to students.

Music has always been a big part of my life, and it even saved it. I would love to share what it has done for me to future musicians.
If you could donate even $1, it would be greatly appreciated.

Any amount helps, and it gets me that much closer to getting a college education.

Thank you so much.


i need clear skin by yesterday

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  • *texting friend*
  • me: hey im going to sleep goodnight!
  • me: *stays up for the next 8 hours*
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